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We Need Your Voice

Our county executives seem open to the ideas behind "Ready for 100," but they want to know the community is ready as well. The bulk of our effort is to motivate the citizens of Manatee County to contact their county representative and ask them to sign the pledge to be Ready for 100. Sign our petition and call or write your county representative today!

We Need Your Connections

Let's face it, politics is a social endeavor. If you have connections to influencers in our county, or are one yourself, we would appreciate an introduction!

We Need Your Enthusiasm

We need help getting the word out about climate change and its impact on our county. This means having informed volunteers work our booth at a community event, or host a letter writing campaign with your church group or neighborhood gathering. You're welcome to attend our board meetings as well, and help orient our efforts to achieving our goals.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We need support for the following activities:

Specific roles:

Community Liaison - works to ensure all neighborhoods in Manatee County are represented by our efforts.

Public Relations: Coordinate efforts to keep local media outlets updated with our relevant information.

Event Coordinator: Assist in the set up of events and volunteer coordination

General Support:

Identify local community and business leaders

Expand our letter writing campaign

Work a booth at community events

Climate Change Experts

If you have expertise in climate change issues and would be willing to serve in a presentation role, please contact us.