About Us

In  2018 a group of Manatee County citizens met to address concerns about  the impact of Climate Change on our community.  Although other local  climate, peace  and justice organizations have similar concerns as part of their  agendas, none seemed focused on obtaining commitments from our local  governing bodies to reduce the use of fossil fuels that cause global  warming, which severely impacts individual health and our economy.  Consequently, the Manatee Clean Energy Alliance was formed, committed to joining with other community/organizational efforts to combat the potential catastrophic effects of Climate Change and  to take advantage of successes by these groups.  The initial goal of the  Alliance is to convince our county and city officials to pledge to have municipal operations running on 100% renewable energy by 2035 and the rest of the county by 2045 in accordance with the Sierra Club's Ready for 100 Program.  This goal will be achieved by  educating and empowering our citizens and community organizations to  hold elected officials accountable for addressing the potential climate  crisis we face.  Following their commitment  we will assist in establishing action plans and implementing those  strategies to lessen the effects of Climate Change on ALL citizens of  Manatee County.